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Excursions from Caunes-Minervois 

(You need a detailed local map to find these spots.)

#1 Minerve.  This is probably the number one visitor spot.  It’s a bit touristy, but is a very picturesque Cathar town overlooking a gorge.    We liked the brocante (second hand store) shop near the museum. 

 #2 Carcassonne. Visit both the new city and old city (La Cité).  See the Michelin guide for information.  The main market day in Carcassonne (the new city) is Saturday with smaller ones on Thursday. In the summer, have lunch at a table in the central square. 

#3 Wine tasting. Visit some of the many of the wineries within minutes of Caunes.  We have winery books and notes at the house. The area is known for its red wine, which is usually blend of Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre and Syrah grapes.

#4  Visit the underground caverns on the way to Limousis.

 #5 Visit Lastours with its two ruined chateaux (castles).  Hike up to the top.  You can picnic across the way and have a view without walking up to the summit. 

#6 Visit Mirepoix, a charming covered market town about an hour drive away.

 #7 Visit the fabulous caves of Niaux (beyond Mirepoix and Foix), which are still open to viewing. 

#8 Try horseback riding at the stables near Notre Dame du Cros, within walking distance.. 

#9 Drive 10 minutes  to Citou and look at the church and perhaps hike up to old chateau.   The Argent Double descends through the valley where Citou is located.

 #10 Notre Dame du Cros is a pretty little church 2 kilometers from the village of Caunes.  You can take walking tours from Notre Dame du Cros up to the marble quarry and into the gorge.

  #11 Visit a “marché” (a farmer’s market): Our favorite is at Lezignan on Wednesday or Carcassonne on Saturday.  Remember to take a shopping basket (we have two in the kitchen) and small change.  Go in the morning, the earlier the better.  Buy paella at the Lezignan market.

#12 Walk along the Canal du Midi or take a half day barge trip.   

#13 Walk 45 minutes to Trausse, for lunch at the cafe in the next village from Caunes. 

 #14 Have lunch and walk around nearby town of Villeneuve. 

#15 There are numerous walks and we have information about local walking tours. 

# 16 Swim at the public pool in Peyriac. 

#17 Golf? The club at Carcassonne is the nearest to Caunes. The 18 hole course is situated at the south side of the town on the road to St- Hilaire, not far from the large hospital. Half sets of clubs can be rented. The pro, Jean-Pierre Basurco, is available for lessons from Monday to Saturday. Telephone a few days' in advance for rendez-vous.

tel : 06 13 20 85 43

#18 Tennis? There are public tennis courts in Caunes.

#19 Hang out and enjoy village life in Caunes.  It's our favorite thing to do!

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